The Himalayan state of Sikkim lies between the countries of Nepal, Bhutan and China. Soaring above the plains of Bengal, it extends to a length extending 114 km from the north to south and 64 km from the east to west. Occupying a total area of just 7096 sq km, it however boasts of a rich diversity in natural beauty with mountains, valleys, rivers and passes punctuating its landscape.


With the state boasting of three climatic regions - tropical, temperate and alpine Sikkim prides itself as a rich biodiversity zone with around 150 species of mammals, 550 species of birds, over 600 species of butterflies, 2000 species of months and many species of fishes, amphibians and reptiles. The flora is also well represented with over 4500 species of flowering plants,. 362 species of ferns and its allies, 11 species of oaks, 9 species of tree ferns, 30 species of primulas and 20 species of bamboos.


Sikkim is inhabited by the Lepchas, Bhutias, Nepalis and the Plainsmen who all have their own customs and traditions. As a result festivals take place all the year round and each season is a season of fun gaiety.

We opened our doors for our guests in the early 90s. We had a modest beginning with 6 rooms which were steadily improved upon with your support and good wishes.

Keeping in mind the comforts of our esteemed guests and the valuable suggestions given by them over this long partnership, Hotel Sonam Delek has now been reinvented with a new look.[more]

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